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PROCONSENSUS – English into Polish translations

Proconsesus offers top quality English into Polish translations. We believe that the world becomes a better place when people communicate effectively. Those who are able to relay their thoughts, are understood and have a chance to be accepted. In Proconsensus, we make sure your words are perfectly translated and understood by the recipients – your clients, partners, employees. Your contracts and other documents translated from English into Polish by Proconsensus will clearly convey your thoughts and intentions. You are guaranteed to be understood. The network of your clients and contacts will grow and your business will strive thanks to our English into Polish translations!

Here is the list of recently completed projects: PROJECT PORTFOLIO



All English into Polish translations is always made by professional translators fluent in both target and source language, having expertise in a given field, showing know-how on translation tools and sources of expert knowledge.

With due diligence we provide translations in the following fields:

Legal English into Polish Translations 

– legal documents of any kind
– agreements and contracts
– lease agreements
– framework contracts, terms and conditions of contracts
– legal acts, resolutions, regulations, decisions
– notarial deeds

Business English into Polish Translations

– requests for proposals and offers
– tender specifications and terms of reference
– certificates of conformity, quality standards
– minutes, shareholders meetings, protocols, motions
– statutes, incorporation documents, registration documents
– founding documents
– business plans, investment schemes, project management documentation
– mergers and acquisitions, audit reports, due diligence reports

Marketing English into Polish Translations

– offers, quotes
– websites
– marketing strategies
– sales training materials
– product catalogues
– communication manuals, communication scripts
– press releases
– newsletters and bulletins

Financial English into Polish Translations

– financial reports
– balance sheets, profit and loss accounts
– ledgers and reports
– financial analysis
– investment contracts
– insurance policies, broker and leasing contracts

HR English into Polish Translations

– employment contracts, job descriptions
– balanced scorecards, evaluations and assessments
– training materials
– HR policies

Other English into Polish Translations

– technical
– medical
– construction and building
– and many other

Our Offer

Top quality.

We work with the best linguists only. Each translated text is double-checked by a specialist.


We guarantee complete security of your sensitive information. We use safe archiving and file transfer systems.


We are a team of seasoned translators. Translation is our salt and bread. During our almost 20-year of professional experience we learnt to work fast and deliver on time.


We make glossaries of most frequent terminology for each client. We use tools that help us create and maintain terminology bases. We consistently use your terminology throughout your projects.


Meeting deadlines is our priority. We are never late, in fact we usually sent the job to you ahead of schedule. At the same time we never compromise the quality of our work.
Why not give us a try?

About Us

Proconsensus was created out of our inner passion for foreign languages and human communication.

We want people to communicate effectively despite the language barriers. We believe that this will make the world a better place, your business will thrive and you will be well understood ? !

We are a team of lawyers and linguists who have for many years worked with corporate clients from around the world:

– legal offices
– car fleet companies
– leasing companies
– car dealerships
– banks and financial institutions
– training companies
– importers and exporters of goods and services
– manufacturers.

Client success is our primary objective. We offer top quality translation services while still improving and mastering our skills.

We guarantee:

– professionalism
– reliability
– confidentiality.


Contact Us

ul. Klonowa 2
05-152 Kazuń Bielany


You can easily upload your files for translation here.

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